Mission statement
All of our products must meet the criteria of:
  • Delivering either a positive social outcome 
  • A significant reduction in wastefulness. 
  • UK based manufacturing
  • Export potential or licensing to overseas markets. 

We have a culture of responsibility, quality and consideration that is both appreciated and enjoyed by us and is reflected in the way we interact with our clients.

The development of everyone who works at the Bristol site or remotely is key to the company's durability and success. 

By working together with other specialists we have a lightness of foot and a culture of quality that we are continuously trying to improve.

The company falls into five departments:- Research and Development, Customer Service, Manufacturing, Accounts and Distribution.
Our next annual inspection will ensure StapleBarn Limited achieves ISO 9001:2015 certification as a group company.

The patent list below shows current applications relating to AleTrim. 
The cost of filing and maintaining patents involves great effort. We ask everyone to respect the ethos and rights associated with this invention

Great Britain 
Liquid dispensing device - GB1406179 pending grant

The main inspiration comes from its founder, Oliver Browne-Wilkinson. Since 1990 the company has designed, developed and manufactured a variety of unique training and education concepts for the medical industry. Meeting the needs of international companies, teaching hospitals and research centres across the world. 

Thank you for your time and interest in our company, we appreciate any feedback you would like to give