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AleTrim Stainless Steel with Clean Cap

(Code: AT-14S)
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AleTrim Stainless Steel with Clean CapDesigned to retro-fit onto any beer tap with an existing nozzle thread, AleTrim can be moved around the bar quickly and easily to calm lively beers down instantly.

Engineered from Stainless Steel 316, AleTrim is built using the same tried and tested materials used on most bars.

The unit price excludes VAT ( where applicable) and delivery.

How do I know the thread size of my existing nozzle?
In the UK Cask beer engines have a 16mm diameter with a 1mm pitch thread size
Keg beer fonts have either a 14mm or 15mm or smooth bore faucet for which we have an adapter.

If the nozzle thread size you require is not showing, you can always send it to us to match the thread.
We make an AleTrim with exactly the same thread so it fits perfectly to your font,
and send the original nozzle back with AleTrim


Patent granted  July, 2016.